Inter-City Services

Inter-City Services

How far are you prepared to drive to get to that all important, long-awaited, face to face business meeting? An hour? Maybe two?

It is really important to be able to switch off and unwind after a long drive, but when heading to a meeting, the exact opposite happens. It's difficult to present the best version of yourself to clients & colleagues, when suffering from driver fatigue.

Is your plan B to travel by train? Inter-city rail services prevent driver fatigue, but the timetable may not be convenient, and privacy issues may prevent you working on board. Add in concerns about Covid spread, and perhaps the train doesn't appeal to you either.

So why not try the chauffeur driven solution. A door to door service scheduled exactly to your unique timetable. Free on-board WiFi allows you to work in the car, to prepare for your meeting or simply respond to emails. With confidentiality & privacy guaranteed, you can take that business call with confidence.

Or maybe you just want to have a snooze, and that's fine too!

If you're planning inter-city transport, get in touch for a quote.